Why Are Composite Dental Fillings Popular?

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Composite dental fillings are popular with our patients because they can repair a cavity discreetly, which is especially sought after for those fillings needing repair on the teeth located in the front of the mouth.

These tooth-colored fillings are good for fixing small-to-medium sized cavities and can be shaped to look like a normal tooth. Because they are bonded to the tooth directly, the tooth doesn’t need to be filed down excessively, and this allows for a more structurally supported tooth and handling the chewing pressure of the tooth.

Not only are these white colored dental fillings suitable for repairing fractured or decayed teeth, they can be used to cosmetically enhance the color, size, and shape of a tooth.

Made of a mixture of plastic resin coupled with glass and quartz filler, the composite resin filler is layered over the cavity opening after all decay is removed. A special curing light is used to harden each layer as they are placed. The filling is then shaped and contoured to look like a natural tooth once it is hardened. It will look and function like a regular tooth.

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