Holiday Dentistry: Oral Cancer Screenings

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Have you been tested for oral or throat cancer? If you have not already done so, it is essential to visit your dentist for an oral cancer screening every year to determine if the disease is present. Each year in America, over 42,000 new cases of oral and throat cancer will be diagnosed. Each day, you should check and inspect your mouth to determine if any symptoms are present.

Due to the fact that the 5-year survival rate for those diagnosed is less than 65%, it is important to find the disease as soon as possible. Always monitor the visual health of your mouth to determine if any issues are present. This includes any symptoms that may be present including swellings, lumps or bumps, rough spots, or any other abnormal areas inside your mouth. Noticeable signs of oral cancer include patches on your gums, unexplained bleeding, persistent sores, and dramatic weight loss.

There are other indications are oral cancer may be present as well. If you routinely have throat soreness, or suffer from a chronic sore throat, oral cancer may be to blame. In addition, if you suffer from ear pain, have difficulty chewing or swallowing, if you have noticed a change in the rotation of your teeth, or if you are suffering from unexplained numbness or pain in your face neck or mouth areas, oral cancer may be to blame.

With an oral cancer screening from our team at New Albany Family Dentistry, we can make sure you receive the oral health care you need. Dr. Timothy Backiewicz and our team can be reached by calling us at 614-855-0202 to schedule an appointment to visit us at our dentist office in New Albany, Ohio.