Festive Holiday Ideas for Healthy Smiles

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Seasonal holiday festivities are exciting and exhausting, laden as they are with a blizzard of activities and social commitments. It’s often tempting to make time where we can, and that means cutting corners elsewhere. The holidays are a time when patients might neglect their smile are routine. So today our New Albany Family Dentistry team would like to share some smile-friendly ideas for you and your loved ones to maintain healthy smiles.

Sweets: It’s traditional to fill stockings with sweet treats. But instead of candy canes, consider tucking in chocolate Santas instead. Chocolate actually washes off the teeth more easily than hard, sticky candy, which tends to adhere to enamel. You can also balance out the sweets by tucking in a colorful ADA-Accepted toothbrush and flavored toothpaste as well.

Music: It’s often a challenge to brush the teeth for two minutes twice a day. Many of us rush through our brushing routine, and that’s not good for our smiles. It takes longer than 30 seconds to remove oral bacteria and plaque-causing debris. To avoid cavities, crank up some tunes while you brush so that two minutes is easy to brush. Your favorite holiday tunes are the perfect time to keep your oral health on track!

Oral Care: During the holidays, people often travel, attend social events with friends, co-workers, and love ones. This busy time of year can distract us from the day-to-day routines we establish for our smiles and our bodies. But months of slacking off during the holidays adds up quickly and impact our smiles. Keep your smile a priority during this time, brush twice a day, floss once, and keep any dental appointments scheduled. Your smile helps you speak, chew and eat, so it deserves consistent TLC.

Give yourself (and your loved ones) the gift of a healthy smile year-round. If you want help with your smile during the holidays, just give us a call at 614-855-0202. Our dentist, Dr. Timothy Backiewicz, and our team in New Albany, Ohio, is here to help you care for your smile.