An Untreated Cavity Might Be the Root Cause of a Toothache

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A small cavity often starts as a result of an inconsistent or ineffective daily oral hygiene routine. If you choose to ignore the cavity, or it goes undetected, the tooth decay will gradually worsen. In time the oral bacteria can invade the dentin, pulp, and root of the tooth.

As this starts to happen you will likely experience increased sensitivity, and possibly toothache pain.

The longer you delay in seeking professional treatment from a dentist like Dr. Timothy Backiewicz the more likely you are to experience severe complications. This could include a dangerous dental abscess developing in the gums or the total loss of the tooth.

Once Dr. Backiewicz has assessed and diagnosed the underlying cause of your toothache he will present you with some possible treatment options. In many cases, this calls for performing a root canal to extract any compromised structures. Once this is done he will restore sufficient structure to secure a dental crown in place.

In a severe case where the root has been compromised or a large dental abscess has developed Dr. Backiewicz might recommend extracting the tooth to prevent further complications. Once your gums have fully healed he can help you understand your options for restoring the tooth.

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